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Raytec Pulsestar VCT6

OEM LED traffic strobe lights for mobile and fixed ANPR applications

Raytec Pulsestar VCT6 LED strobe lights provide OEMs with a very powerful illuminator and flashlight source for intelligent traffic applications such as automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), red light violation, open road tolling and weigh-in motion systems.

Utilising the latest high power LED technology available, the VCT6 series is available in both board-only and housed versions and is fully integrated with internal timing, intensity control, trigger input and long distance communications.

Reasons to select the Raytec Pulsestar VCT6

High power

The Pulsestar VCT6 features up to 500 W LED pulse drive power for high speed application and increased illumination distances.

Fast strobe capability

A fast repetition rate up to 10 kHz allows for capture of a sequence of images at high speed and at different exposure times to obtain the perfect take. The maximum pulse width is 2 ms, maximum duty cycle equals 3%, both at 100% power.

Designed for mobile use

Raytec Pulsestar VCT6 was developed particularly for mobile applications. The input power specification of 12-24V has been developed for this use case.

Attractive built-in features

The lights already integrate features relevant for traffic monitoring applications, like internal timing, intensity control, trigger input and long distance communications for synchronisation with the camera.

Housing options

The VCT6 illuminations are available in an IP65 rated enclosure or as a PCB version for OEM applications.


  • Colour: white, IR 850 nm or IR 940 nm
  • Lens: beam angle 12° or 28° for white and 14° and 28° for IR
  • I/O: trigger input 5-24 V opto-isolated, trigger output
  • Interface: Ethernet or RS232
  • Power supply: 12 - 24 V @ 2.5A
  • Protection: IP65
  • Miscellaneous: dimmable 1-100%

Markets and Applications

The Raytec Pulsestar VCT6 strobe lights provide very powerful LED strobe illumination for traffic monitoring applications. This includes automatic number plate recognition, red light violation, open road tolling and vehicle type identification.

Important factors which determine the choice of an illumination for your traffic application ‒ area of illumination

This is the actual illumination area on-road in which adequate light intensity has to be provided. As shown, it may not necessarily be a single point, but can include several tens of metres across several road lanes. The amount of power consumed, measured in watts, can be used in conjunction with the lumen to provide a measure of the efficiency of a light emitter. For a viable light source, power (watts) should not be taken as a sole indication of light output or intensity, because of potential differences in efficiency of individual manufacturers' products.


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