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Smart Vision Lights LLM

LED Light Manager

The programmable LED Light Manager (LLM) addresses the lighting control needs of multi-light machine vision solutions, including photometric 3D, multispectral and other multi-light systems. The LLM can drive up to four separate lights of virtually any type or up to four individual quadrants or channels within an integrated photometric or multispectral ring light solution. Each program can contain up to six sequences with up to four lights or four segments in a ring light individually set to be off, continuously on, any intensity level in between, or even operating in OverDrive strobe mode.

The LLM can manage multiple lights even if they are operating independently in continuous, Multi-Drive, or OverDrive modes. The sequences and intensities can be programmed via an intuitive web browser interface.

Reasons to choose the Smart Vision Lights LLM

Covers multiple application types

Although the LLM system and light kit bundles has initially been designed for use in 3D photometric stereo and 2D multi-light applications, the flexibility in the set up options aids itself to a huge variety of potential lighting sequence configurations.

Suitable for multispectral imaging

The LLM can be used to manage multispectral illumnation configurations by triggering specific spectral bands required in the configuration. This can help to greatly reduce the costs of the multispectral illumination as the only the spectral bands that are most effective in the solution are used.

Simple web browser set up

Configuring the LLM is very easy as you simply have to simply connect the unit to a computer via an ethernet cable, and operate/program it via your web browser - no software installation is required.


  • Channels: 4 independent channels for lights + 2 further channels (for i.e. cameras)
  • Interface: Ethernet
  • Input / Output channels: PNP and NPN

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