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Alysium-Tech is your partner for high performance interconnect solutions.

Strong production and engineering capabilities contributes to high quality, superior, reliable and cost-efficient solutions, which extend your competitive advantage.

Alysium-Tech is your partner for high performance interconnect solutions. We aim to offer wires, connectors and cable assemblies that you can plug in and forget about. Our global success path is grounded on three pillars:

  • Continuous engineering innovation.
  • Rigorous production quality.
  • Trusted customer service.

These pillars make us the leader in addressing both individual customer needs as well as efficiently exceeding market requirements.

We supply products to the most demanding of industries: Robotics requires mechanical durability, Automotive requires temperature and vibration resistance and Medical requires longevity of chemical resistance. Raw materials are carefully selected from our audited and stable supply chain.

Stable processes are employed in development, manufacturing and logistics, appraised using methods such as PFMEA. Continuous improvement is core to our culture. Alysium has production facility certifications to ISO9001:2008, ISO/TS 16949 and ISO14001:2004. We supply material release documentation like PPAP, PSW and ISIR where suitable.

Alysium A+ Cables

High-end machine vision cables for industrial use with high flex materials and market-leading screw locking terminations

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Datei Themen Größe
Alysium A+ Familiy Brochure Datenblätter 3,2 MB
Alysium A+ USB3.1 Gen 1 AOC Brochure Datenblätter 1,1 MB

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