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Enhanced Software For DALSA Boa Smart Cameras Announced

13. Mai 2011

STEMMER IMAGING introduces the DALSA Boa range of smart cameras from Teledyne DALSA, complete with the latest release of software, DALSA iNspect Express version 1700. This new release even further enhances DALSA Boa’s capabilities for automated inspection and quality assurance applications in a wide range of industries by adding new features, speeding up measurements and making it even easier for users to configure DALSA Boa for more demanding applications that would otherwise require more expensive solutions.

The DALSA iNspect Express software interface allows users of all experience levels to set up DALSA Boa all-in-one intelligent vision systems using a standard web browser with no programming required. Enhanced performance comes from optimized algorithms for 360° search, optical character recognition (OCR) and 2D matrix reading, and improved calibration tools. These optimizations provide greater robustness and over 10 times speed improvement in some applications.

The new release also features a new PC-based application for displaying images and results from multiple DALSA Boa cameras on the same screen. This allows operators to monitor production, change job files and review the inspection history of any DALSA Boa connected to the local network.

By including improvements to the user interface, DALSA iNspect Express 1700 software extends DALSA Boa’s use to more difficult applications. The built-in script tool has been enhanced with new functions and a syntax checker, a new string editor has been embedded to simplify integration with third party equipment, and interactive tool management has been implemented to assist users during program development.

Available with a choice of resolution and speeds, the ruggedised DALSA Boa smart cameras can be quickly integrated into harsh factory floor environments.

Teledyne DALSA BOA

Intelligente Bildverarbeitungskameras für die Automatisierung

Teledyne DALSA iNspect

Entwicklungsumgebung mit grafischer Benutzeroberfläche für die schnelle und einfache Applikationserstellung zum Einstieg in die Fabrikautomation.

Teledyne DALSA

Waterloo, Canada

Teledyne DALSA ist eines der größten Unternehmen in der Bildverarbeitungsindustrie.