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Alysium A+ Cables

High quality machine vision cables for industrial use

Alysium offers high-end machine vision cable assemblies for industrial use. With market-leading screw locking terminations for both horizontal and vertical screw locking systems, M12, and other circular connectors, these cables meet the quality levels required for demanding machine vision applications. The S-STP#26 HiFlex cable can easily meet lengths of up to 50M. The "Extreme" rated high flex materials, allow even the most demanding of high flex requirements to be fulfilled.

The A+ Family includes RJ45, USB3, BRJE & CameraLink HS.


  • Higher connection reliability
  • Unified design
  • Industrial die cast shell
  • Screw locking to Vision Standards
  • 360 degree shielding
  • 100% quality control
  • Future proof design

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Alysium A+ Familiy Brochure
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Alysium A+ USB3.1 Gen 1 AOC Brochure
Data sheets
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