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Datapath SQX

Scalable streaming technologies

SQX is Datapath's collective name for video streaming & compression technologies. Datapath's SQX products open up a world of possibilities for video delivery, transmission and storage whilst maintaining the ability to easily scale projects from the management of a single stream to full inclusive systems that accommodate a wide array of inputs and outputs streaming from a variety of sources to a number of destinations.

Datapath's range of SQX technologies gives customers the power to handle video to meet the needs of the Professional AV market. At the heart of SQX is the ability to take video and encode it for streaming or remote storage and to decode compressed data for use on a video wall or monitor. The Datapath SQX technology portfolio offers series of products that can either work alone or as part of a much wider system to manage a vast amount of video in ways customers require.



Datapath’s ActiveSQX is a powerful PCIe card designed to decode multiple streaming videos using an on-board processor. Multiple ActiveSQX cards can be used in a single system to support the management of entire CCTV systems or connect to online media libraries, streaming and decoding video for immediate video wall display.

This card is capable of simultaneously decoding and transferring up to 1.2 GBps of video data, equivalent to 12x 1080p 30 fps streams, to one or more Datapath ImageDP4 graphics cards. Scaling of the decoded streams is supported on the card. The ActiveSQX card is capable of simultaneously decoding up to 20x 1080p 30 fps incoming streams ensuring smooth transitions from stream to stream within carousel enabled windows.

The card supports the IP protocol stack, with on-board transport servers for RTSP and HTTP connections to video stream sources, further reducing the video stream management burden on the CPU. In addition, the ActiveSQX has two 1 Gbps network ports - this keeps the motherboard network port and system CPU cycles available for running implementation-specific applications.

The ActiveSQX card supports multicast and unicast streaming transport protocols. The ActiveSQX network interfaces support both DHCP and static IP address assignment using IPv4 and IPv6.


The Datapath VisionHD2-SQX is an advanced video capture card with SQX technology that allows captured video to be encoded into H.264. Featuring independent capture channels the VisionHD2-SQX allows users to capture two high definition 1920x1200p video feeds and directly encode them into H.264 video using the on-board hardware based SQX processor. Each encoded video stream can be utilized by the SQX media server for distribution over a network or for storage on disk.

The VisonHD2-SQX also acts as a standard capture card based on the features of the VisionAV-HD. Full fidelity captured video can be transferred with low latency to graphics hardware or system memory buffers for viewing or further processing. The VisionHD2-SQX supports all of the advanced features of any Datapath capture card, including intelligent handling of mode changes and no signal input. The VisionHD2-SQX capture functionality supports on-board scaling and colour space conversion.

A developer can use the features of the VisionHD2-SQX with either the Datapath RGBEasy API or the Microsoft DirectShow framework. The VisionHD2-SQX is the perfect solution for a hybrid video wall. In this arrangement the VisionHD2-SQX provide high quality, low latency, capture of video sources for display on to the video wall, and at the same time the source can be encoded in hardware and streamed on to the network.



  • Dedicated decoding card with dual RJ45 Ethernet ports
  • H.264 / MPEG4 decode
  • On-board SQX decoding engine
  • Decode multiple streams simultaneously


  • Triple channel capture & encoding
  • On-board SQX encoding engine
  • H.264 / MPEG4 encode
  • VisionSQX features including MultiStream supporting cropping and scaling

Markets and Applications

  • Control and security rooms