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Bildverarbeitung in bewegten Bildern

Technology Forum 2019 - Random bin picking: Last step for a complete factory automation process (en)

Presentation at the Machine Vision Technology Forum 8-9 October 2019 in Unterschleissheim (Germany) Speaker: Jorge Romeo, INFAIMON

In the current industry, automation and the use of robots are essential parts of the production processes. A key element of the ‘factory of the future’ is the complete automation of processes and its adaptation to the more dynamic and flexible industrial environments.

Nowadays, in spite of the high degree of integration of robots in plants, some processes still involve operators doing manual picking of random placed objects from containers.

The automation at this stage of the process requires a robot and a vision system that identifies the position of the objects inside the containers dynamically. This is what we know as bin picking. Bin picking consists of a hardware solution (vision + robot) and software solution (image analysis + communication) that allows extracting random parts from containers.

Bin Picking provides the complete automation of processes with a series of advantages:

  • Reduction of heavy work and low-value added tasks for operators
  • Maximization of space in the factory thanks to being more compact than current mechanical solutions
  • Adaptation to flexible manufacturing processes
  • Reduction of cycle times increasing machine productivity