Take advantage of our comprehensive and bespoke consulting.

In-house cable manufacture

Our in-house cable manufacturing facility can create bespoke cable harnesses, modify standard products and develop or customise accessories to facilitate system design.

STEMMER IMAGING’s cable production facility boasts highly experienced experts in cable preparation and construction. They ensure the very highest quality of both standard and specialist cables.

All of our cables are tested extensively before being supplied to the customer, using state-of-the-art equipment to check the cables have the correct point-to-point connections. We also run a complete short-circuit test procedure to check all possible contact combinations and enclosure screening.

Our cable testing equipment extends to testing transition resistance automatically in the individual lines on a point-by-point basis. This allows us to identify irregularities in the cable beyond basic continuity testing. Specialist test equipment allows us to check the various connector combinations and if required, we can also connect customer-specific cable sets to our in-house frame grabbers via specially made adapters, enabling us to perform data transmission validation.

For complete systems (PC, frame grabber card, cable and camera system), we also perform a final test of the overall system.