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Industrial PC systems

For applications that require the ultimate processing power, storage and expansion, the 19" rack mount case is the common configuration. These systems are generally based on state-of-the-art PC components and offer the flexibility to realise the most complex systems.

Until recently most vision systems used this configuration due to the limited processing power available from compact and embedded PC systems, however with the introduction of the ultra low power Intel processors these larger systems now tend to be used only when multiple processors or significant expansion or storage are required. Where possible, systems built by STEMMER IMAGING in this format use server-grade components that offer extended availability over traditional desktop systems.

In common with all systems supplied by STEMMER IMAGING we can custom install the required software libraries or development environment such as Common Vision Blox from STEMMER IMAGING or Sherlock from Teledyne DALSA, we then validate the complete system operation with the chosen interface and cameras. All systems come with our image backup and recovery system to ease the replication and recovery of systems.

The advantages of modular industrial PC systems are obvious. Scalable performance, long-term availability and the possibility for large data storage make them ideal for the most demanding applications.

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