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chiiOnline community | The Community on Hyperspectral Imaging for Industry

05/11/2020 - 27/01/2021


The chiiOnline community is focusing on current and future hyperspectral developments for industrial applications.

Venue: Online

This year the conference on hyperspectral imaging in industry (chii) is only held online. The event already started in November and runs until end of January. In weekly online sessions chii online community members present interesting talks about their technology, new developments or products.

Please join our specialists Tim Huylebrouck and Gerhard Stanzel in their sessions to find out more about our hyperspectral imaging portfolio and applications services.

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Session: Spectral Imaging in food and industry

Date: January 20,2021 Time: 15:00-16:30 (CET)

STEMMER IMAGING HSI portfolio overview
(Tim Huylebrouck)

Hyperspectral Imaging offers a huge variety of both hard- and software components to choose from. STEMMER IMAGING has carefully selected sensible product combinations that work for a variety of applications.

Please join Tim Huylebrouck to learn more about the right hard- and software combinations and what makes them valuable for your hyperspectral imaging application.

“With the plethora of solutions available, it’s important to know which conbinations are available and how they fit together to form a complete solution. I’ll be presenting the different options in our portfolio, to help you make a better-informed decision on what’s right for you.”

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Session Spectral imaging application services and camera technologies

Date: January 27, 2021 Time: 15:00 – 16:30 (CET)

STEMMER IMAGING HSI application services
(Gerhard Stanzel)

Hyperspectral Imaging is still a relatively new technology in the area of machine vision applications, and as with any new possibilities, its important to understand how it can be applied to solve machine vision tasks.

Gerhard will be covering the ways in which you can precisely identify object properties based on spectrally resolved colour or chemical information, by using hyperspectral imaging techniques.

“It’s good to have a general approach as not every application needs HSI (we have lots of different tech). We’ve gained a lot of experience over the last few years, and we understand that each environment has it’s own requirements. I’ll be covering how HSI could potentially help you in the different scenarios.”

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