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Scanpack 2018

23/10/2018 - 26/10/2018

International platform serving the packaging community.

Venue: Svenska Mässan, Gothenburg
Booth: G01:01

Meet the STEMMER IMAGING team at Scanpack 2018 >

Gothenburg | G01:01 | October 23-26, 2018

We make machine vision as easy as possible by creating customized packages that combine innovative products, expert advice and a comprehensive service, specifically tailored to you.

Highlights at Scanpack 2018

3D scanning and measurement

Flexible 3D sensors like LMI Gocator are easy to use and configure. The smart sensors are perfectly suited for a wide variety of measurement tasks providing everything needed for scanning, measuring and controlling external hardware in a single, pre-calibrated package that anyone can use.

3D functionality without 3D camera

Variable focal length lenses such as the Optotune EL enable rapid focusing in machine vision applications where the working distance between the object and the camera system is frequently changing.

STEMMER IMAGING has been marketing Optotune variable focal length lenses for some time. In combination with all the other components required, including suitable lighting, optics and cameras, the Gardasoft current driver as well as auxiliary services such as feasibility studies or support in designing systems, the image processing specialists thus provide from a single source everything to simplify the use of this technology. Thanks to the increasing availability of electronics and software, the integration of variable focal length lenses is easier today than ever before.