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Automation Technology C5-CS

Robust and compact high performance 3D sensor

The Automation Technology C5-CS series is a laser triangulation camera that computes 3D data by implementing the laser sheet-of-light-method. The C5-CS combines camera, optics and a laser - with a predefined fixed angle - in a robust IP67 aluminium housing. Additionally, a Scheimpflug adaptor is integrated in the optical path.

Its high resolution sensor delivers precise results at high speed via GigE Vision. The onboard preprocessing of the raw image data provides previously unattainable data rates for inspection, measurement and sorting in the third dimension.

Reasons to select the AT C5-CS

Precalibrated sensor head

C5-CS series compact sensors come precalibrated from the factory and can be ordered with a measurement protocol. This offers easy integration and setup of complete systems without the need for further calibration, even with several sensor heads. The documented preconfiguration stage guarantees that all sensors behave exactly the way they are expected. Automatic measurement processes allow the delivery of identical sensor configurations at any time, independent of human influences during the calibration process.

Extensive selection of options available

A multitude of device configurations are available for different demands depending on field of view, z-range, resolution as well as laser wavelength and intensity. This means that changing requirements in the application does not necessarily result in being forced to change to a different supplier or a different technology. In most cases switching to another compact sensor model is sufficient. Therefore fast implementation and exchange is simplified. Fully customer specific models can be manufactured as well, in order to meet the application requirements quickly and with minimum effort.

Compatible with a wide range of software packages

The C5-CS series uses the GenICam protocol enabling software configuration without a manufacturer SDK. Any GenICam compliant software solution such as CVB 3D can be used. There's all the flexibility required when choosing new software or continuing using existing one. This avoids time-consuming training sessions for new software solutions.

Rich internal processing capabilities

The C5-CS features a number of integrated high-precision image processing algorithms for measurements with subpixel accuracy. Its HDR 3D technology is perfectly suited for objects with high differences in brightness and highly reflective surfaces.


  • Sensor: resolution up to 4096 x 3072 pixels
  • Pixel size: 5.5 µm x 5.5 µm or 6.6 µm x 6.6 µm
  • Dynamic range: 90 dB
  • Profile rate: up to over 200,000 profile/s depending on the model (with AOI limitation to 8 sensor lines)
  • Interface: GigE Vision
  • Protection: IP67 rated housing

Markets and Applications

  • Inspection of metal-elastomer products
  • In-line inspection in assembly lines
  • Inspection of adhesive beads or sealing beads
  • Inspection of electronic components
  • Inspection of welded seams
  • OCR in tyre inspection or braille
  • Inspection of wooden surfaces