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CVO 4CCD LINE 24/2,8-F

4CCD lens for IR and colour line scan cameras

  • Focal length 24 mm
  • Aperture F2.8 - 22
  • Sensor length 30 mm
  • MOD 300 mm (measured from the front edge of lens)
  • F-Mount
  • Filter Thread M67 x 0.75
  • aperture and focus with fixing locking screws
Product features
Spectral sensitivity Colour
Resolution @ maximum sensor size (MP) 9.0
M.O.D. 400
Max. sensor size Large format
Manufacturer Common Vision Optics
Focal length (mm) 24
Filter thread M67 x 0.75
Diameter (mm) 69.0
Camera mount (optics) F-mount
Aperture F 2.8