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Long wave infrared (LWIR) camera with Gen2 Ulis Microbolometer sensor, uncooled with GigE Vision interface

  • Resolution: 640 (H) x 480 (V) pixels with 17 µm pixel size
  • Active sensor size 10.88 mm x 8.16 mm
  • Frame rate 30 images/s (at full resolution)
  • Characteristics: uncooled, Adaptive Contrast Enhancement for highest image detail, several image correction functions, PTP IEEE1588-2008 Precision Time Protocol, mechanical shutter for remote recalibration
  • Spectral sensitivity range 8 to 14 µm (LWIR)
  • NETD ≤ 65 mK @ 30 fps, with F = 1 lens aperture
  • Scene range: -25 °C to 125 °C
  • Digital output via GigE Vision Standard
  • Output formats: Mono tbd, Mono tbd
  • Power supply: 12 - 24 VDC, ≤ 4.2 W
  • Power supply via 10-pin connector or PoE
  • Connectors: 10-pin (SAMTEC TFM-105 type), RJ45 Ethernet
  • Dimensions: 29.00 x 37.00 x 59.53 (W x H x D in mm, without lens)
  • Weight: 97.9 g (incl. lens)
  • Lens mount: M25
  • Operating Temperature (Ambient) -20°C to 50°C
  • Incl. 19 mm lens (F=1.03/FoV = 32.3°/MOD = 2400 mm) and free license for CVB CameraSuite, SDK and user GUI to configure the camera
  • Common Vision Blox Driver available
  • Classified as a “Dual Use” item under Group 1 (1-6.A.3.B.4.B) of the Canada Export Control List and Category 6 (6.A.3.B.4), Teledyne DALSA require an End-Use Letter signed by the EndUser of TDALSA's distributor/customer.
  • If you export this product outside the EU you have to apply for an export licence according to EC term no. 428/2009 at your competent authority.
Product features
Weight (kg) 0.098
Vertical res. (Px) 480
Storage temperature (°C) -40 to 80
Spectral sensitivity LWIR
Software driver CVB yes
Software CameraSuite yes
Sensor type µ bolometer
Sensor size (mm) 13.50
Sensor model ULIS Gen2
Sensor format 1"
Sensor configuration Single sensor
Scan type Area
Power supply voltage (VDC) 12-24
Input current (mA) 290
Pixel size (µm) 17.00
Operating temperature (°C) -20 to 50
Note 3 Incl. 19 mm lens
Note 1 NETD = 65 mK
Resolution (MP) 0.3
Manufacturer Teledyne DALSA
Lens mount M25 x 0.5
Interface configuration PoE / GigE Vision
Interface Gigabit Ethernet
Horizontal res. (Px) 640
Frame rate (Hz) 30.0
Export regulations If you export this item outside the EU you have to apply for an export licence according to EC term no. 428/2009 at your
Dimension (width, mm) 29.00
Dimension (height, mm) 37.00
Dimension (depth, mm) 59.5
Power consumption (W) 3.6
Connector c: I/O 10-pin connector
Connector b: power 10-pin connector
Connector a: video RJ45 (H)
Active sensor size (vertical, mm) 8.16
Active sensor size (horizontal, mm) 10.88