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Allied Vision Bigeye - Peltier cooled, low-noise CCD camera

  • Low-noise CCD camera
  • Sensitive Sony and Kodak sensors, up to 11 Megapixels
  • Excellent image quality
  • Peltier cooling
    • for superior signal-to-noise ratio
    • for very long exposure times
  • GigE Vision or CameraLink interface
  • Robust metal housing for industrial use


  • Available with GigE Vision interface or with CameraLink interface
  • Solar inspection camera versions availabe
    • Especially designed for solar cell inspection
    • Optimized spectral ranges for both the visible spectrum, and the NIR spectrum of solar wafers


  • Lens: C-mount or F-Mount, depending on model
  • Interface: GigE Vision, CameraLink optional
  • Software: Compatible with Common Vision Blox

Markets & Applications

  • Low noise imaging (industrial and scientific imaging)
  • Image acquisition with long exposure times
  • Microscopy (low light)
  • Non-destructive evaluation of photosensitive objects
  • Solar cell inspection (special Allied Vision Bigeye Solar cameras)


  • Gain
  • Binning
  • Exposure time
  • Continuous mode (image acquisition with maximum frame rate)
  • Image on Demand mode (triggered image acquisition)

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Model Frame rate (Hz) Lens mount Horizontal res. Vertical res. Sensor format
AV BIGEYE G-1100B COOL 1.6 F-mount 4024 2680
AV BIGEYE G-132B COOL 12.5 C-mount 1280 1024 2/3"
AV BIGEYE G-132B NIR COOL 12.5 C-mount 1280 1024 2/3"
AV BIGEYE G-283B COOL 6 F-mount 1928 1452 2/3"
AV BIGEYE G-629B COOL 1 F-mount 3072 2048 2/3"
AV BIGEYE G-629B NIR COOL 1 F-mount 3072 2048
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AVT Bigeye
Data sheets
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AVT Bigeye G 283
Data sheets
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AVT Bigeye P-1100
Data sheets
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AVT Bigeye P-132
Data sheets
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AVT Bigeye P-132 Solar
Data sheets
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AVT Bigeye P-629
Data sheets
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AVT Bigeye P-629 Solar
Data sheets
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Allied Vision - Decimation Application Note | 2016-03-21
Application Notes
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Allied Vision - High Resolution Performance Application Note | 2016-Mar-21
Application Notes
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Allied Vision - TCG and RCG Sensor Handling Application Note | V2.0.0
Application Notes
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Allied Vision Bigeye Technical Manual (Pleora based interface) | 2.3.0
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Allied Vision Bigeye-G Technical Manual | 2.2.0
931.2 KB
Allied Vision Camera Selection Guide | 5.1
Data sheets
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Allied Vision GigE Feature Reference | V5.4.0
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Allied Vision GigE Installation Manual | 1.2.0
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Allied Vision White Paper CCD vs CMOS | 2016/4
Data sheets
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