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All types of camera, from area or line scan to

specialist solutions

Allied Vision Pike - High-performance FireWire cameras

  • High-performance CCD cameras with FireWire interface (IEEE 1394b)
  • CCD sensor with Progressive Scan output
  • High resolution and frame rate
  • High sensitivity
  • Monochrome and colour versions
  • Permits vastly more effective multiple-camera operation
  • Ideally suited for the most demanding machine vision applications
  • Flexible design and separation of image sensor from main board allows easy customisation and special OEM versions on request


  • Resolutions from VGA up to 15.8 Megapixel
  • 2 interface versions:

    • "Fibre", for data transmission over long distances up to 500m:
      with IEEE 1394b bilingual copper connector and glass fibre output (GOF)

    • "Copper Daisy Chain", enables cable lengths to be reduced and costs to be saved on expensive accessories such as hubs or repeaters in multiple-camera operation: two FireWire connectors (copper) that can be used for a daisy chain

    • Right angle or OEM versions available


  • Lens: C-mount, CS-mount on request
  • Interface: FireWire (IEEE 1394b)
  • Software: Compatible with Common Vision Blox
  • Hirose connector, 12 pins, for RS232, I/Os and power supply

Included in Delivery


  • Data rate of 800 Mbit/s, conforms to IEEE 1394b
  • Partial scan function to increase frame rates
  • Real-time shading correction to compensate for local lighting or lens defects
  • Programmable look-up table (LUT) to emphasise different image level ranges or for threshold operations
  • Asynchronous external trigger for immediate start of exposure with no significant latency
  • 64MB internal memory for frame buffering and shading correction
  • 14 bit A/D converter
  • 2 programmable inputs, 4 programmable outputs for external trigger
  • RS232 interface

Cabling accessories


I/O Cable for AV Marlin / Oscar / Pike / Stingray / Manta / Guppy Pro / Prosilica GX, GC and GT

  • 12-Pin Hirose to ...


I/O Cable for AV Marlin / Oscar / Pike / Stingray / Manta / Guppy Pro / Prosilica GT, GC & GX

  • 12-pin Hirose to ...


Trigger-cable for AV cameras to open ends
(Marlin / Oscar / Pike / Stingray / Guppy Pro)

  • Cable length see product name
Mechanical accessories


Angle Head Version for Stingray, Pike and Manta (type A) and Manta G-223/235/319/419/507* Please refer to ...

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