Machine Vision Lenses and Optics - STEMMER IMAGING


Over 5000 lenses and filters to help achieve

the perfect image

Computar megapixel/FA (Factory Automation) lenses

  • Zoom lenses and fixed focal lenses
  • Image circle up to 11 mm
  • For resolutions up to 5 MP
  • High sensitivity facilitates use in low light conditions
  • Industrial camera mounts allow use in various applications and facilities


  • Resolution: from 1 MP
  • IR correction (depending on model)
  • Focal length: from 3 mm
  • Aperture: from F 1.2
  • Camera thread: C-mount or CS-mount

Markets and Applications

  • Identification
  • Measurement
  • Positioning

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Model Camera mount (optics) M.O.D. Focal length (mm) Max. sensor size (mm) Manufacturer
COMPUTAR 2595N C-mount 450 25.0 1" Computar
COMPUTAR E3Z4518CS-MPIR CS-mount 500 Computar
COMPUTAR M3Z1228C-MP C-mount 200 12.0 2/3" Computar
COMPUTAR M7528-MP C-mount 300 75.0 2/3" Computar
File Topics Size
Computar A4Z1214CS-MPIR
Data sheets
89.9 KB
Computar E3Z4518CS-MPIR
Data sheets
317.2 KB
Computar H0514-MP2
Data sheets
104.0 KB
Computar H2Z0414C-MP
Data sheets
44.8 KB
Computar H5Z2518C-MP
Data sheets
73.3 KB
Computar HG5Z218FC-MP
Data sheets
79.5 KB
Computar M0814-MP2
Data sheets
105.7 KB
Computar M1214-MP2
Data sheets
105.9 KB
Computar M1614-MP2
Data sheets
105.6 KB
Computar M2514-MP2
Data sheets
106.9 KB
Computar M3514-MP
Data sheets
105.6 KB
Computar M3Z1228C-MP
Data sheets
36.7 KB
Computar M5018-MP2
Data sheets
107.1 KB
Computar M7528-MP
Data sheets
87.3 KB