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Metaphase Eclipser

Dark field line light for transparent materials

The Metaphase Eclipser is a patent-pending illuminator with unique optics to "bend" light from an LED strip surrounding any imperfections in the scanned material with bright light. Similar to the way rays of the sun form a halo effect during a total eclipse of the moon, the tiniest particles suspended in the scanned object "glow" due to light diffraction.

The black background of the LED strip enhances contrast amplifying even sub-micron defects. The Eclipser is great for optically clear substrates such as glass and plastics.

Reasons to select the Metaphase Eclipser

Increased setup flexibility

Opposed to generic dark field line lights, the Eclipser is positioned on the opposite side of the object, just like a backlight. It also doesn't have to be placed very near to the surface to be inspected at a low angle. The working distance varies between 3.5" and 5.5" depending on the thickness of the object.

Compact passively cooled housing

The passively cooled design results in a compact housing, which allows integration of the device even where space is restricted. Water cooled versions are available on request.

Intensity control

Adjustable brightness via 0-10V signal for an easy setting of the intensity when used with the digital intensity controller DDC-3. The DDC-3 is ideal to independently control up to 3 lights.


  • Colour: white, blue, green, red or UV 395 and 3655 nm
  • Dimensions: from 5" to 150" in 5" increments
  • Miscellaneous: water cooled version available on request   

Markets and Applications

This device has been specifically developed to detect impurities and scratches on transparent material like glass or plastic.