MVTec Deep Learning Tool

The easy way into Deep Learning

Labelling training data is the first crucial step towards any deep learning application. The quality of this labelled data plays a major role when it comes to the application's performance, accuracy, and robustness.

With the Deep Learning Tool, you can easily label your data thanks to the intuitive user interface – without any programming knowledge. This data can be seamlessly integrated into HALCON and MERLIC to perform deep-learning-based object detection, classification and semantic / instance segmentation. For classification projects, you can also train and evaluate your model in the Deep Learning Tool.

The Deep Learning Tool is available for free download on MVTec website.

The Deep Learning Tool offers

  • A fast path to the complete Deep Learning solution
  • An intuitive user interface
  • Active support for the optimisation of the trained networks
  • Easy integration into the MVTec portfolio
  • Full control over your own data

Working with the Deep Learning Tool

    Retraining has been shown to even further increase the recognition rate of Deep OCR, making it the leading industrial OCR technology. The Deep Learning Tool will support automatic recognition of labeled words, making is very efficient to label even big datasets.

    With object detection, labelling is done by drawing rectangles around each relevant object and assigning these rectangles to the corresponding classes. Depending on the project requirements, the user can label his data with either axis-parallel or oriented rectangles.

    Labelling for classification is done by simply importing the images and assigning them to a class. If the images are stored in appropriately named folders, they can also be labelled automatically during import.

    Users can set all important parameters and perform training based on their labelled data.

    Users can evaluate and compare their trained networks directly in the tool. The evaluation section provides information on model accuracy, including a heatmap for the predicted classes of all processed images, as well as an interactive confusion matrix to help detect misclassifications. Users can also calculate the estimated inference time per image and export the evaluation results as a single HTML page for documentation purposes.

Seamless integration into the MVTec product portfolio

The Deep Learning Tool seamlessly integrates into the MVTec product portfolio with HALCON and MERLIC and serves as the core of your Deep Learning application.

Acquire your images and preprocess them with HALCON or MERLIC if necessary. After labelling, training as well as evaluation in the Deep Learning Tool, deploy your trained network in the respective runtime environment.