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Schneider 1" lenses

Specialised lenses for 1" sensors

The Schneider Kreuznach 1" lenses are specialists in their field! The two very short focal length lenses (10 mm and 16 mm) have extremely short minimum working distances and are very small considering how short the focal length and how large the image circle is.

The ultra fast F0.95/25 lens on the other side offers an outstanding maximum open aperture of just 0.95 making it the only option when a lot of light is needed or ultra high speed applications need to be solved.

Reasons to choose the Schneider Kreuznach 1" lenses

Short focal lengths at large image circle - with a P-Iris option

Not only does it have a short focal length in combination with the large image circle and high resolution (down to 3.5 µm), these lenses also have the option of being used with P-iris (not the F0.95 lens). Making these very exceptional on the market! When limited space meets large field of views, these lenses are the right choice.

Ultra Fast F0.95

F1.4 sounds fast, F0.95 sounds impossible... not for this lens. When every photon count needs to be turned into an electron, this lens does the job. Whether you have low light, need a lot of light and short exposure times or you have a high-speed application with an extremely fast frame rate, this lens, with aperture F0.95, does not disappoint.


  • Maximum sensor size: 1"
  • Focal length: 10 mm, 16 mm, 25 mm
  • Aperture: 1.9 for 10 mm, 1.8 for 16 mm, 0.95 for 25 mm
  • Minimum pixel size: 3.5 µm (7 µm for F0.95)
  • Lens mount: C-mount
  • Miscellaneous: P-Iris and ruggedization optional available for 10 mm and 16 mm lens

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Schneider Precision Lens for Image Circle to 16mm (1" format)

  • Focal length 10 mm
  • Aperture F1.9
  • Filter Thread Holder ...


Schneider Precision Lens for Image Circle to 16mm (1" format)

  • Focal length 16 mm
  • Aperture F1.8
  • Minimum Working Distance ...


Schneider Precision Lens for Area Imaging with 1"-CCD

  • Focal length 25 mm
  • Aperture F0,95
  • Minimum Working Distance 300 ...