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Schneider 1.3" lenses

Lenses for large image circles with an anti-shading lens design

These lenses are made for large sensors with up to a 24 mm sensor diagonal. Whilst the Xenoplan 28/2,0 and Xenoplan 35/2,0 are regular 1.3" lenses with relatively short working distances, the other 4 lenses in this series come with a special optical design to prevent shading on sensors where micro lenses are located in front of the pixels. This of course works in favour of the resolution as well, resolving a pixel size of up to 2.5 µm.

Reasons to use the Schneider Kreuznach 1.3" lenses and Anti-Shading lenses

No darkened image areas

Through their special optical design, the anti-shading lenses have very flat image sided chief ray angles. This enables the lens to image on sensors with micro lenses where large angles work very destructive on the imaging performance of the lens/camera system.

Short focal lengths

Despite the large image circle, these lenses come with relatively short focal lengths and working distances, which make large field of views possible whilst keeping the space requirements tight. 

Brodband coating

Just like most other Schneider C-mount lenses, these ones are coated from 400 nm to 1000 nm.


  • Sensor size: 1.3"
  • Lens mount: C-mount
  • Minimum pixel size: 3.5 µm (regular) and 2.5 µm (anti-shading)
  • Miscellaneous: Anti-Shading

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Model Camera mount (optics) M.O.D. Focal length (mm) Max. sensor size (mm) Manufacturer
SCHNEIDER IR XENOPLAN 35/2,0 C-mount 252 1.3" Schneider Kreuznach
SCHNEIDER KMP APO-XENOPLAN 20/2,0 C-mount 165 1.3" Schneider Kreuznach
SCHNEIDER KMP APO-XENOPLAN 24/2,0 C-mount 76 1.3" Schneider Kreuznach
SCHNEIDER KMP APO-XENOPLAN 35/2,0 C-mount 388 1.3" Schneider Kreuznach
SCHNEIDER KMP XENOPLAN 28/2,0 - M30,5 C-mount 174 28.0 1.3" Schneider Kreuznach
SCHNEIDER KMP XENOPLAN 50/2,8 - M30,5 C-mount 530 1.3" Schneider Kreuznach