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Sill Optics Mini Telecentric

Small telecentric lenses with and without coaxial illumination

The Sill Optics Mini series of telecentric lenses is designed for applications where the space is very limited. The lenses are supplied with a C-mount thread and the whole series has a clear aperture of 12.3 mm and a magnification range from 1.0 to 8.0.

Some models are available with coaxial illumination which creates homogeneous illumination across the surface of the product and having it integrated into the lens means the design is much more compact.


  • Sensor size: 1/2" to 2/3"
  • Magnifications: 1.0 to 8.0
  • Aperture: Fixed / Clear aperture 12.3 mm
  • Working distance: 64 mm and 113 mm
  • Lens mount: C-mount
  • Distortion: Max. 0.1 to 0.4%
  • Wavelength: 450-700 nm
  • Length: 63.5 mm to 137 mm

File Topics Size
SILL TZM MINI 8111/1,0-C
Data sheets
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SILL TZM MINI 8165/1,0-C
Data sheets
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SILL TZM MINI 8211/2,0-C
Data sheets
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SILL TZM MINI 8265/2,0-C
Data sheets
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SILL TZM MINI 8411/4,0-C
Data sheets
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SILL TZM MINI 8465/4,0-C
Data sheets
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SILL TZM MINI 8611/6,0-C
Data sheets
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SILL TZM MINI 8665/6,0-C
Data sheets
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SILL TZM MINI 8811/8,0-C
Data sheets
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SILL TZM MINI 8865/8,0-C
Data sheets
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