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Sill Optics TDL

Bi-telecentric lenses for large sensor sizes 

The TDL series of bi-telecentric lenses is designed for applications with larger camera sensor sizes ranging from 30 mm to 70 mm length. The series has a clear aperture between 63 mm and 133 mm and a magnification range from 0.461 up to 1.0.

The advantage of the bi-telecentric design is the uniform vertical exposure of the camera sensor. Suitable mainly for sensors with microlenses so that no light enters the camera at an angle (from the perpendicular).


  • Sensor size: 30 mm to 70 mm
  • Magnifications: 0.461 to 1.0
  • Aperture: variable
  • Working distance: 120 mm to 332.3 mm
  • Camera mount: M58x0.75, M72x0.75, M42x1, M60x1, F-mount
  • Distortion: max. 0.08 to 0.3%
  • NA: 0.023 to 0.05
  • Wavelength: 450-700 nm
  • Clear aperture: 63 mm to 133 mm
  • Length: 252.7 mm to 546.5 mm

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Model Camera mount (optics) Manufacturer Magnification (max) Working distance (mm)
SILL TZL 7258/0,58-M72 M72 x 0.75 Sill Optics 0.58 176.00
File Topics Size
SILL TZL 1555/0,46-M58
Data sheets
449.0 KB
SILL TZL 1555/0,46-M60
Data sheets
435.8 KB
SILL TZL 7208/0,8-M72
Data sheets
329.4 KB
SILL TZL 7210/1,0-M72
Data sheets
579.4 KB
SILL TZL 7258/0,58-M58
Data sheets
415.2 KB
SILL TZL 7258/0,58-M72
Data sheets
415.6 KB
SILL TZM 0361/1,0-M42
Data sheets
504.9 KB
SILL TZM 7255/1,0-M42
Data sheets
329.0 KB
SILL TZM 7255/1,0-M58
Data sheets
348.0 KB
SILL TZM 7266/0,66-F
Data sheets
278.1 KB