Machine Vision Illumination - STEMMER IMAGING


Widest choice of technologies to maximise

the visibility of your object

Sill Optics TZC - Telecentric LED condensers

  • Telecentric illumination for back lighting
  • For use with telecentric lenses for high precision measurements


  • High power LEDs:
    • Available in all common wavelengths, additional LEDs available on demand
    • Not current limited and can thus be strobed without modification
  • Standard LEDs:
    • Easy control without the need for a specialised controller
    • In-built current limiter provides possibility for operation with standard 12 VDC - 24 VDC power supplies
    • Driven between 0 VDC and 12 VDC the LED's intensity can be controlled easily
    • Also available for strobe use


  • Focal length: depending on model up to 390.0 mm
  • Wavelength: depending on model between 455 nm and 880 nm

File Topics Size
SILL TZC-1003/31-HP-IR-M8
Data sheets
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SILL TZC-2003/55-HP-IR-M8
Data sheets
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SILL TZC-9003/xxxx
Data sheets
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Sill Optics S6LTC3003 Telecentric condenser
Data sheets
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Sill Optics S6LTC4003 Telecentric condenser
Data sheets
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Sill Optics S6LTC5003 Telecentric condenser
Data sheets
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Sill Optics S6LTC6003 Telecentric condenser
Data sheets
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Sill Optics S6LTC7003 Telecentric condenser
Data sheets
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