Machine Vision Cameras - STEMMER IMAGING


All types of camera, from area or line scan to

specialist solutions

Sony FCB-EX E Colour block cameras

  • Colour block cameras
  • Excellent picture quality
  • Superb flexibilty and easy operation
  • Wide variety of optical zoom lenses ranging from 10x to 36x
  • Applications ranging from surveillance to traffic monitoring and other visual communication environments
  • Specifically designed for integration into security domes, police vehicles, photo booths, documents stands, and low-vision systems


  • Various operation modes available including Progressive Scan models
  • Variety of features (depending on model) include
    • Image stabilisation
    • Auto dynamic range mode
    • Enhanced noise reduction
    • High-sensitivity images
    • Advanced white balance
    • Colour enhancement
    • Multi-line On-screen display
    • Video motion detection
    • Picture freeze
    • Extended operation temperature range from -5°C to 60°C