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From smart cameras to bespoke systems,

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URIS - Easy user interface for Cognex cameras and industrial robots

  • Clear software user interface to bridge the gap between Cognex cameras and industrial robots
  • Easy setup of the machine vision system and the robotic arm
  • Simple step-by-step routine for calibration and feature training
  • Multiple feature identification

Your benefits

URIS allows you to setup the vision system and robot guidance yourself in a fast and easy way without machine vision or robot programming skills. This saves hours of programming when setting up your system, so you will be able to launch your application earlier. Furthermore, you have full control of the programming process and setup your system in the way that suits you best.

Having only one software tool for machine vision and robot guidance also means reduced cost for you.


  • User alert if running out of features
  • Support of up to 99 different features and object