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Allison Park Group

Allison Park Group (APG) located in Pennsylvania (USA) designs and produces high quality enclosures for cameras and illumination.

APG's housings are made of extremely durable stainless steel or aluminium and come in a wide choice of designs to accommodate most cameras and applications. Where there is no specific solution available, APG also offers custom enclosures and OEM design solutions. Each APG housing design includes a comprehensive range of camera integration kits removing integration uncertainty. To obtain the correct housing call our team with the camera model and lens you want to integrate and the level of protection as detailed below and we will be able to quote you all you need to integrate the camera. If the camera is purchased from STEMMER IMAGING we can also undertake integration before delivery.



Allison Park Group (APG)

Camera enclosures / housings for harsh industrial environments, food applications (FDA), and washdown environments.

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APG 24C Data sheets 217.6 KB
APG 24C Series Data sheets 302.2 KB
APG 25R Series Data sheets 284.5 KB
APG 30D Data sheets 671.7 KB
APG 30S Data sheets 556.2 KB
APG 35C Data sheets 154.4 KB
APG 38D Data sheets 742.4 KB
APG 38S Data sheets 642.6 KB

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Flight test passed


Wolf GmbH uses a sorting system from BT-Anlagenbau for the reliable detection of synthetic intestine residues, some of which are as small as 1mm2 on Berner sausages, and to detect contaminated products. The key elements of these systems are machine vision components from STEMMER IMAGING combined with smart imaging software and a precise sorting system from BT-Anlagenbau, which enable the inspection of sausages in flight during the production process.

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