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Gardasoft Vision

Gardasoft Vision Ltd, established in Cambridge in 1999, is a world leader in programmable lighting controllers and very intensive LED illuminators.

The LFC and RT series of LED lighting controllers are particularly outstanding, offering immense performance with low heat dissipation. The flexible lighting controller product range is complemented by a timing controller (CC320) and combined lighting and timing controller.

The programmable lighting controllers from Gardasoft Vision enable dynamic control of most LED illuminators in modes not possible with other controllers. Signal delays, intensity and duration can be controlled, sequences can be programmed and stored to be accurately repeated when required. Most vision systems using LED illumination can be controlled more easily and be further enhanced by adding a Gardasoft Vision lighting controller.

Gardasoft VTR

High intensity solid state illumination developed for traffic monitoring applications, featuring rich functionality

Gardasoft TR-CL 180

Gardasoft controller for Optotune liquid lenses

Gardasoft Triniti
  • Technology for full integration of lighting into machine vision software
  • Communication via PC or smart camera
  • Direct connection via GigE Vision and GenICam interfaces

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File Topics Size
Gardasoft LFC 420 (alternative name: PP 420) Data sheets 208.4 KB
Gardasoft LFC 500 (alternative name: PP 500) Data sheets 530.0 KB
Gardasoft LFC 820 (alternative name: PP 820) Data sheets 371.2 KB
Gardasoft RT 200 Data sheets 290.4 KB
Gardasoft RT 400 Data sheets 286.9 KB
Gardasoft RT 800 Data sheets 285.3 KB
Gardasoft VTR Series Data sheets 517.6 KB
Gardasoft VTR4 Data sheets 1.2 MB

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Tech trend: Brought into focus at lightning speed


Variable focal length lenses enable rapid focusing in image-processing applications where the working distance between the object and the camera system is frequently changing.

An innovation driver in LED lighting and control - Interview with Peter Bhagat, Gardasoft


Founded in 1999 in Cambridge, England, Gardasoft Vision Ltd are world leaders in LED lighting controllers and very high brightness lighting. This UK company is one of STEMMER IMAGING´s main suppliers. In this interview, Gardasoft CEO Peter Bhagat talks about trends and future developments from his point of view.

Traffic strobe lights


Gardasoft extends its product range for traffic applications with the VCT6 series of LED strobe lights.

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