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Qioptiq Photonics

Qioptiq designs and manufactures photonic products and solutions that serve a wide range of markets and applications in the areas of industrial manufacturing, medical and life sciences, research and development, defence and aerospace.

The company is known for its high quality standard components, products and instruments, custom modules and assemblies, leadingedge innovation, precision manufacturing and responsive global sourcing. Due to a series of acquisitions, Qioptiq has an impressive history and pedigree, benefiting from the knowledge and experience of LINOS, Point Source, Rodenstock Präzisionsoptik, Spindler & Hoyer, Gsänger, Optem, Pilkington and others.

Qioptiq Optem Fusion

An optical high performance system designed for microscopy

Qioptiq MAG.X

Ultra-high resolution lens for industrial microscope systems

Qioptiq Rodagon-WA
  • High quality corrected lenses for measurement applications
  • Large image diameter for line scan and high-resolution camera applications
  • Adaptable to many different applications thanks to the modular focus system

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