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Product Training: Compact Solutions with Cognex In-Sight Vision Systems (1 / 2 days)

Intelligent cameras are gaining more and more importance in industrial imaging because they are efficient, powerful and very easy to use. The In-Sight series from Cognex is a premium product in this market segment.

As well as the one-day-workshops, we also offer two-day intensive courses.

One-day vision workshop

  • Introduction to imaging & machine vision
  • An overview of In-Sight vision systems
  • Introduction to the software package Explorer with EasyBuilder and Spreadsheet
  • Communication options with SPS, robots etc.
  • The VisionView operator interface panel

Two-day advanced vision training

Day 1

  • Structuring vision programs using Insight Explorer (using groups, variables, etc)
  • Advantages of EasyBuilder, compared to Spreadsheet
  • Modify EasyBuilder tools, e.g. by adding settings to them
  • Make your own EasyBuilder tools
  • Using .cxd-files
  • Using the SNTP functionality
  • How to make your vision system running-in more efficient using TestRun

Day 2

  • Calibration for robot applications, internal camera calibration (lens distortion) and camera to robot (world) calibration
  • OCR/OCV tool. How to implement variable Fielding for use with OCR-B fonts
  • Using the Pattern match algorithm (PATMAX and PATMAX Redline)
  • Using spreadsheet tools, e.g. Blob, Edge, Histogram, Image Filters and color tools
  • Using communication protocols, e.g. Profinet, Ethernet/IP, TCP/IP or IO communication for external equipment

Minor subject to changes in the agenda may occur.


1 day workshop or 2 days intensive training

Participation Fee

  • The participation fee for the 1 day workshop is 450 DKK – including lunch and coffee.
  • The participation fee for the 2 days intensive training is 8,995 DKK – including lunch and coffee.