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Allied Vision modular camera concept

Highly flexible approach to camera design

While standard Allied Vision cameras are designed to be suitable for most applications, there are a number of options available for each camera family to ensure they will also suit systems that need something slightly different. These options are relatively inexpensive compared to custom solutions and available with a short lead time.

The modular camera concept of Allied Vision offers cameras with a wide choice of housings, sensors, filters and lens mounts to adapt it perfectly to individual requirements.

Allied Vision camera sensor filters

The most common option that can be applied to any Allied Vision camera is a different sensor filter which is mounted between the lens mount and the image sensor. Often daylight suppression filters are used for infrared imaging up to ≈1050 nm where the visible light is blocked. If both IR and visible light are required, a clear glass filter is also available. For colour imaging applications, a range of IR-cut filters, dichroic or coloured glass filters can be specified. Allied Vision's SWIR cameras can be easily equipped with a bandpass filter.

Sensor modifications

For some scientific applications the sensor cover glass can cause optical disturbance as it reflects the light or is impermeable to UV light. In other cases microlenses can produce troublesome effects when direct laser light is used. For a number of models, Allied Vision offers the option to deliver cameras with modified sensors. Example configurations include solutions without covering glass, but with microlenses, solutions with no cover glass and no microlenses, or with a quartz glass cover.

Medical application bodies

Allied Vision cameras are optionally available with a white case for use in medical applications where red housings are unsuitable.

Angled camera heads

Stingray and Manta cameras are available with a choice of angled heads. The diagrams below show the Manta model fitted with different head arrangements, each indicating the orientation of the sensor.

Board-level versions

Because of the modular design concept, Allied Vision cameras can also be offered as board-level versions with a number of options. They can be adapted to support different sensor options, with a choice of connecting cable lengths between the sensor head and the interface board. There is a choice of different lens mounts including C and CS mounts with optional filter configurations. All Allied Vision cameras are fully supported by STEMMER IMAGING's Common Vision Blox, the hardware independent imaging library. CVB provides access to a comprehensive set of software tools suitable for a wide range of applications. All GigE Vision and USB3 Vision cameras from Allied Vision are delivered with CVB CameraSuite free of charge.