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Canon EF Mount Lenses

Large format lenses with motorised focus and iris

With an established reputation for manufacturing high-quality lenses, Canon has an extensive range of large format, long focal length telephoto lenses with direct motorised iris and focus where the focusing motor is mounted in the lens assembly itself.

These lenses require the use of Canon cameras with the specialised EF lens mount developed by Canon, or 3rd party EF mounts and adapters - all of which can be sourced from STEMMER IMAGING.

Rapid autofocus and variable aperture

Canon EF lenses are characterised by the highest standards of precision engineering and optical performance. Ring-type motor drives provide rapid autofocus adjustment and variable aperture versions give fine control over depth of field.

Image stabilisation, specialist lens elements and coatings

Image stabilisation compensates for the vibrations often found in machine vision environments. Lens elements are designed to minimise aberrations, while specialised coatings ensure accurate colour balance and enhance contrast.

EF mount cameras and adaptors

STEMMER IMAGING offers high-quality machine vision cameras equipped with the EF mount and the use of 3rd party EF mounts and adapters can allow EF lenses to be fitted to cameras that have other standard mounting configurations.


  • Focal Length: 14 - 800mm
  • Aperture: 1.2 - 5.6
  • MOD: 0.2 - 6m
  • Diameter: 68.2 - 168mm
  • Length: 22.8 - 461mm
  • Weight: 130 - 4500g

Canon EF mount lenses can be connected to cameras with the following options

Canon cameras that support the canon camera control API (CCAPI)

Cameras that support EF Mount lenses

Adaptors to control these lenses with C-Mount / M42 Mount

STEMMER IMAGING, one of Europe’s leading machine vision technology providers for science and industry, has signed an agreement with Canon Europe for the distribution of the renowned Canon professional camera and large format lenses portfolio into the industrial imaging marketplace across Europe. This new partnership is focused primarily at making it easier for the industrial market to take advantage of Canon’s high-performance EF format lenses. To achieve this Canon will share detailed technical lens data to STEMMER IMAGING making it possible to apply its extensive technical expertise to provide fully engineered machine vision solutions containing Canon lenses.

Please note STEMMER IMAGING is focused on solutions in industrial imaging market place. If you’re a professional photographer or consumer you will be better served purchasing Canon products through the Canon retail channel.