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Widest choice of technologies to maximise

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LED floodlights for large working distances and object fields

The high intensity CCS HLDL2 range is ideal for illuminating large areas. These lights meet all the relevant industrial regulations regarding durability, output constancy and brightness and offer a highly efficient light output (lumens per watt) thanks to the optimised heat dissipation of the metal housing. The CCS HLDL2 series are 24V and can be mounted on standard DIN rails for industrial integration.

All models are available with two different beam angles. The smaller angle (narrow) is suitable for longer working distances. The wider angle (wide) is used for illumination of larger areas.

Long distance / wide area illumination

The narrow type, which allows for long-distance illumination, can illuminate objects up to 2,000 mm away. CCS also provides the wide type, which uses diffused illumination over a wide area.

Aluminium housing

The robust aluminium housing uses a special heat dissipation mechanism to provide fanless operation under normal conditions.

Different operating modes

Strobe controllers or intensity regulators can be connected to these units so the same light can be used in various different operational modes


  • Colour: white (5.600K), red (640nm) and infrared (860 nm)
  • Connector: standard connector, M12 and open ends
  • Power supply: 24 V
  • Emitting surface: 150x45 mm to 1200x45 mm
  • Dimensions: from 162x62 mm to 1212x62 mm

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