Machine vision: Powerful core technology


Diffuse linear LED line lights

The HLND series of line lights provides a good solution for line scan camera applications that require high luminosity. Available in red and white, they provide a good balance of extremely uniform lighting, brightness and quality, due to the use of high-power LEDs. The HLND series is available with 2 different types of diffusion plates and transmission rates. The HLND-TT is a uniform backlight, while the HLND-RR is a high output light suitable for front light applications.

The LND2 series achieves brightness that is equivalent to a fluorescent lamp - highly uniform, diffused light.

Replacement of fluorescent lamps

This line light achieves the brightness equivalent to a fluorescent lamp. The LEDs have a long service life, so the bulbs don't burn out like fluorescent lamps, thus reducing the costs for lamp replacements.

Aluminium housing

The robust aluminium housing uses a special heat dissipation mechanism to provide fanless operation under normal conditions.


Colours HLND: white (6.500K) and red (624 nm) Colours LND2: white (5.500K) and red (630 nm) Dimensions: HLND - from 156.3x35 mm to 2756.3x35 mm; LND2 - from 132x27.2 mm to 1234x27.2 mm Emitting surface: HLND - from 100x7.6 mm to 2700x7.6 mm; LND2 - from 101x18.2 mm to 1203x18.2 mm Power supply: 24 V