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CVB Colour

Tool for distinguishing, recognising and analysing colours

Common Vision Blox also supports the acquisition and processing of colour images as standard with many of the CVB tools taking the colour information into account when they are fed with colour images. However, CVB Colour is a dedicated tool for analysing, differentiating and filtering colours using proven technology.

CVB Colour To realise the best performance and reliability the tool makes use of the proven CIELAB colour model which closely matches human colour perception. With the specific teach programme relevant user defined colours are trained directly from sample images. The teaching process can take place on-line or off-line with all trained information stored in a colour classifier. In a second step the "colour search tool" is used to search for a specific colour, or to allocate certain areas in an image to a certain colour range. These result images can then be used as a preprocessed input image for ongoing analysis.



  • Includes teach programme for teaching different instances of a particular colour or colour range
  • Further instances of a colour can be added or removed at any time
  • Search for a specified colour
  • Filters the image according to trained colours

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Flexible algorithms to differentiate, determine and process colours

  • Includes COLOUR TEACH for teaching different instances of a color
  • Add or ...


Single Runtime License for COLOR

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