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CVX Trigger boxes and converters

Many reliability problems in machine vision applications are due to poor or inadequate trigger signals causing triggers to be missed or incorrect triggers to be processed.

Our trigger conditioning and converter boxes are used for conditioning signals and converting them to robust signal formats and levels. Thus a robust integration of industrial signals to the trigger input of the camera or frame grabber is possible.

For applications where long trigger cable lengths are required it is also possible to convert TTL signals to fibre, or to the more errorresistant EIA-422/EIA-644 standard for transmission. 


CVX Triggerbox

Developed to allow signals from different sources such as presence sensors or PLCs to be processed and cleaned to make them suitable for robust triggering of cameras and frame grabbers.   Problems frequently arise when a camera is unable to process an imprecise trigger signal. This results in the camera either not detecting the trigger or only detecting them sporadically, missing inspections. In some cases the camera triggers on the signal noise cause the system to process invalid data. These problems are often due to trigger signals generated by light barriers, PLC controllers or similar systems, or in environments with a lot of electrical noise and poor screening.   The CVX Triggerbox is able to process input signals from 5 VDC to 24 VDC which can then be used to generate a clean TTL pulse as a trigger signal for the camera or frame grabber. The user can set whether the Triggerbox should to react to the positive or negative edge of the input trigger as desired.

CVX Triggerbox Fibre

The CVX Triggerbox Fibre allows TTL signals to be transmitted over long lengths using fibre optic cable. Available as a sender or receiver, fibre interconnection is via multimode fibre with F-ST connectors. TTL signals up to maximum 1 MHz can be transmitted over a distance of several hundred metres immune from pick-up of electrical interference.

CVX TTL/LVDS Converter

This converter box is a useful signal converter for converting TTL trigger signals into a differential LVDS signal. These are particularly useful in applications where shaft encoders produce TTL signals and the frame grabber requires LVDS.

CVX LVDS/TTL Converter

The LVDS/TTL Converter works exactly in reverse and converts LVDS signals into TTL signals.

CVX Line Converter 24/LVDS-AB

Designed to interface 24 V trigger signals to machine vision components that require differential LVDS inputs. The DIN mounted design accepts signals between 12 and 24 V (i.e. from a PLC) and are provided with screw-type terminals for easy wiring.

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Triggerbox conditioniezing

  • Level and timing alignment of the imputsignal
  • Simplification of signalinterference
  • Inputpuls 5 VDC to 24 VDC (TTL or ...


Converter box for conversion of electrical signal to LWL signal (in combination with CVX TRIGGERBOX-FIBER-RX)

  • signal conversion 1:1
  • Operating ...


Conditioning Triggerbox

  • Level and timing alignment of the imputsignal
  • Simplification of signalinterference
  • Inputpuls 5 VDC to 24 VDC (TTL or ...


Triggerbox conditioniezing

  • Level and timing alignment of the imputsignal
  • Receiver unit for CVX TRIGGER TX24V
  • Simplification of signalinterference
  • Inputpuls 10 ...


Triggerbox conditioniezing

  • Level and timing alignment of the imputsignal
  • Transmitter unit for CVX TRIGGER RX24V
  • Simplification of signalinterference
  • Inputpuls 5 ...
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