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Teledyne DALSA X64 Xcelera-LVDS

PCIe x4 Frame Grabber

The Teledyne DALSA PCI Express frame grabber X64 Xcelera-LVDS is a member of the X64 family. The X64 Xcelera-LVDS is suitable for all types of LVDS cameras with a data depth of up to 64Bits. The data bandwidth is more than 650MB/s. The X64 Xcelera-LVDS has been primarily developed for industry. This is why it offers features such as robust design, guaranteed data security, long-term availability, top performance and extensive interfacing options for integration into industrial environments.

Guaranteed data security

"Trigger-to-Image-Reliability" is a design framework that ensures the reliability of the image acquisition system and provides improved image acquisition quality,
giving higher yields due to increased uptime and continuous image acquisition process management. It also promotes innovation by enabling developers to focus on core image processing features.

Real-time data sorting

The cornerstone of the board is the ACU-Plus (Acquisition Control Unit). This ensures precise capture from various different camera and sensor types.

Data transfer with no CPU load

The DTE (Data Transfer Engine) ensures peak transfer rates of up to 650MB/s with no CPU loading.

Various trigger modes

The X64 Xcelera-LVDS provides a variety of trigger and control modes. In addition to the asynchronous image trigger and the pulse-width control modes for area scan cameras, a programmable edge trigger input is provided which is an essential precondition for line scan camera applications.


  • PCI Express frame grabber for the capture of digital signals up to 64 bits
  • Transfer rate of more than 650MB/s via PCIe x4 bus
  • Programmable sampling rate up to 80 MHz per channel
  • Programmable image sizes up to 256 k x 16 M (H/V) to an infinite number of lines for line scan cameras
  • Hardware-implemented, self-loading scatter/gather DMA transfer permits data transfer without CPU load
  • Two independent trigger inputs (TTL, RS422 or opto-isolated)
  • 2 strobe outputs
  • 4 general purpose IO lines
  • 12 digital, intelligent I/Os (optional)
  • 2 independent shaft encoders (e.g. for the connection of an incremental encoder)
  • Interrupt support for various events
  • 8 look-up tables (LUT), each up to 64 KB
  • RS-232 interface for direct camera control
  • Power supply for the camera 12V/5V 1.5A
  • Guaranteed reporting and location of data loss through "trigger to image-reliability"
  • Optional on-board preprocessing: Bayer-to-RGB conversion, shading correction. Others on request.
  • High-performance development software for Windows Vista/XP Professional
  • Compatible with Common Vision Blox

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