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FiberOptic CIS Dome

Coaxial and dome light in a single housing

The FiberOptic CIS Dome series is ideal for producing shadow- and reflection-free illumination on uneven, specular surfaces. It combines coaxial lighting with a traditional dome illumination. Both lights can be balanced to match the surface conditions, producing outstandingly uniform lighting.

Reasons to choose the FiberOptic CIS Dome

Two sophisticated illumination in one

The independent intensity control of the on-axis and indirect off-axis light allows the illumination to be adapted to the specification of the target, especially for uneven specular surfaces.

Avaliable in different colours

The CIS Dome is available in white (6200 K) and red (630 nm).

Extra protection

The coaxial part features an additional protection glass on the top to avoid dust on the half mirror, which would blur the image.


  • Colour: white or red
  • Uniformity: + / -10%
  • Working distance: < 25 mm, suitable for objects up to 100 mm diameter
  • I/O: separate controllability of direct on-axis and indirect off-axis light source
  • Operating temperature: 0 °C to 40 °C

Markets and Applications

The device is particularly suited to illuminate uneven specular surfaces.

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Model Lighting technique Lighting geometry Light colour Light distribution Beam angle
FIBER CIS DOME-200-R-24 frontlight coaxial illumination, dome illumination Red diffused not specified
FIBER CIS DOME-200-W-24 frontlight coaxial illumination, dome illumination White diffused not specified
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Fiber OPtic CIS-Dome Series
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