FiberOptic LEDLine - Compact line lights with white or red LED

  • Compact and extremely uniform LED line lights
  • Very little divergence over the line length
  • Available in white, red, infrared and other colours

FiberOptic’s LED line lights, boast a remarkably compact construction and a very uniform illumination output. The ‘LEDLine’ series require only a 24V DC power supply and can be installed almost anywhere due to their low space requirements.

The lights enjoy a very uniform illumination across the line by the use of a specially designed cylindrical lens that is optimised for use with LEDs. The lights are equipped with a built-in current limiter to protect against accidental damage. The LEDLine series are available in line lengths of 40mm, 80mm and 150mm as well as a range of colours including white and red with a wavelength of 623nm.


Compact LED line lights

  • Inhomogeneity over the line length < 5%
  • Integrated, optimised rod lens
  • Practically unlimited LED service life at more than 70,000 hours
  • Integrated current limitation and overvoltage protection
  • Compact design for low space requirements and extremely simple mounting
  • Robust, black, anodised aluminium housing
  • Flash operation possible
  • Intensity sufficient for most line scan camera applications
  • Active line of 40 mm, 80 mm or 150 mm
  • Available in the light colours white and red (other colours on request)

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Colour red


ILP LEDLINE-150/R-24 24 LEDs red 24VDC

  • 150mm x 1.5mm, 623nm


Compact LED linear light

  • Linelength 190 mm
  • Linewidth 1.5 mm
  • Colour red (623 nm)
  • Incl. integrated focussing lens
  • Operating ...


ILP LEDLINE-40/R-24 6 LEDs red 24VDC

  • 40mm x 1.5mm, 623nm


ILP LEDLINE-80/R-24 12 LEDs red 24VDC

  • 80mm x 1.5mm, 623nm
Colour white


ILP LEDLINE-150/W-24 36 LEDs white 24VDC

  • 150mm x 1.5mm, 7800K


Compact LED linear light

  • Line length 190 mm
  • Line width 1.5 mm
  • Colour white (7800 K)
  • Incl. integrated focussing ...


ILP LEDLINE-40/W-24 10 LEDs white 24VDC

  • 40mm x 1.5mm, 7800K


ILP LEDLINE-80/W-24 20 LEDs white 24VDC

  • 80mm x 1.5mm, 7800K
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