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Intel RealSense D400

Embedded depth sensing technology unprecedented in functionality and package size

Intel RealSense technology is changing the future of 3D imaging by providing high speed stereoscopic vision in an embedded package with a large depth of field.

The robustness of the system makes it very versatile to cover an extensive variety of usage models - both for indoors or outdoors applications - by providing sophisticated setup and calibration tools.

The core of the system, the unique Intel RealSense Vision Processor D4, uses advanced algorithms to process raw image streams from the depth cameras and computes high resolution 3D depth maps without the need for dedicated GPU or host processor. A variety of depth modules and housed camera devices provide an easy solution for rapid integration into industrial vision systems.

Benefits of choosing Intel RealSense technology

Easy development of 3D applications

Intel RealSense technology supports a wide range of operating systems and programming languages. The Intel RealSense SDK enables you to extract depth data from the camera and use the interpretation of this data in the platform of your choice, including Intel and ARM processors. Developer tools are available in Windows OS, Linux, Mac OS, and more. The kit also offers sample code, debug tools, and evaluation tools to accelerate your project.

Simple integration of depth perception

The Intel RealSense Depth Module D400 Series provides a turnkey solution for rapid product development and integration for VR, robotics, and any market where depth matters. A variety of models offers a choice of module that has the best combination of power consumption, field of view, and shutter type to optimize depth vision integration. This tailored depth module can easily enhance vision products with spatial sensing.

Smart devices become even smarter

The Intel RealSense Vision Processor D4 Series already does the heavy lifting. It processes the raw image data and provides calibrated 3D depth maps without requiring any GPU or CPU resources. Using this vision processor makes it easy to rapidly design custom solutions. By freeing up bandwidth from the host processor, it leaves more CPU time for the vision processing or alternatively reduces performance requirements of the host system.


Intel RealSense is supported through the Intel community forums, however when purchased through STEMMER IMAGING, you gain the unique option to purchase premium expertise in RealSense and 3D applications support to accelerate your integration and get access to advanced integration information not available through the community.

STEMMER IMAGING's unique expertise gives you access to the following:

  • In-depth knowledge of the Intel RealSense SDK including expertise in using RealSense with ARM processors and Linux in embedded applications.

  • GenTL RealSense driver support as an addon package for CVB including pointcloud visualisation, which provides connectivity to all GenTL-compliant image processing SDK’s (such as CVB, Halcon or Matlab).

  • Optional CVB toolboxes for 3D data processing.

Intel approved STEMMER IMAGING as a RealSense product supplier so RealSense customers can get access to our premium 3D imaging expertise and RealSense knowledge.


The D415 camera features a rolling shutter stereo camera pair, standard projector and a full HD RGB camera and is ideal for stationary and slow moving applications.

  • Depth field of view (H/V/D in degrees) 69.5/42.5/77
  • Standard IR projector
  • Rolling shutter depth sensors
  • Minimum working distance of 0.3m

The D435 camera features a global shutter stereo camera pair, wide projector and full HD RGB camera and is more suitable for applications where there is significant movement in the scene.

  • Depth field of view (H/V/D in degrees) 91.2/65.5/100.6
  • Wide IR projector
  • Global shutter depth sensors
  • Minimum working distance of 0.2m

Features available with all models

  • Working distance in excess of 10 metres
  • USB 3.0 connection with power over USB
  • Indoor & outdoor operating ability
  • Active IR and passive stereo processing via D4 ASIC
  • 2% Z accuracy at 3 – 5 m range
  • Low light performance with < 1 lux minimum sensitivity
  • Dual 1280 x 720 sensors for up to 90 fps depth stream
  • 1920 x 1080 rolling shutter RGB camera with up to 60 fps
  • 0 to 35 °C operating temperature

Intel RealSense product table

RealSense product options

Choose between board level module configurations for higher volume applications and housed camera modules. D400 series depth modules for custom high volume embedded applications are available with either a rolling or global shutter with Full HD resolution. All modules consist of a stereo camera pair with optional pattern projector and optional HD colour camera. Developers can omit the projector and RGB HD camera to reduce costs where the application does not require these features. For evaluation, development and lower volume applications, the two aluminium housed D400 cameras are ideal.


  • Type: high performance and precision embedded device
  • Resolution: up to 900.000 3D points
  • Frame rate: up to 90 fps
  • Interface: USB 3.0
  • Opions: available with housing, as a module or bare ASIC, monochrome and RGB

Markets and Applications

  • Height sensing for packaging and pallettizing applications
  • Simple integration of 3D locating capabilities into robotics and drones
  • Left baggage detection, facial recognition and crowd analysis
  • Motion flow and movement recording in sports tracking applications
  • Machine safety and guarding
  • Retail automated shopping solutions
  • Adaptive signage advertising


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Intel RealSense D4 Vision Processor Card

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  • ASIC Card
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Intel RealSense D400 Interposer

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Intel RealSense Depth Module D400

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Intel RealSense Depth Module D410

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Intel RealSense Depth Module D415

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  • FoV (H x V x D ...


Intel RealSense Depth Module D420

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  • FoV (H x V x D ...


Intel RealSense Depth Module D430

  • Up to 1280 x 800 resolution active stereo depth
  • FoV (H x V x D ...


Intel RealSense Depth Camera D415

  • FoV (H x V x D): 69° x 42° x 77°
  • Dual rolling shutter sensors ...


Intel RealSense Depth Camera D435

  • FoV (H x V x D): 91° x 65° x 100°
  • Dual global shutter sensors ...


Intel RealSense Depth Camera D435i

  • Including Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU)
  • FoV (H x V x D): 91° x 65° x ...