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Metaphase hyperspectral line lights

LED illumination to replace halogen light sources

Metaphase offers hyperspectral broad band LED illuminations to finally break away from the typical hyperspectral halogen light source, with its high temperature and high power consumption.

The hyperspectral 400nm NIR and broadband SWIR illumination (1000-1700nm) provides the ideal match for the next generation of hyperspectral solutions. If only a part of the spectrum is required, Metaphase can tailor the light sources to match the camera’s spectral response and specific application requirements.

Reasons to select the METAPHASE hyperspectral line lights

Compact size

Halogen lamps typically require large housings with appropriately dimensioned heatsinks. Due to the use of LED technology, the housing can be kept much more compact, which aids in restricted spatial situations within an engine.

Less heat radiation

Since LEDs emit light only within a limited spectral range, they emit less energy and thus heat than halogen lamps. This is important for certain application fields like the food industry, where excess heat is critical.

Ultra precise line

Due to the tiny size of LEDs, the light can be focused much better. The resulting line is thiner and brighter with equivalent power input.

Custom spectral bands

Depending on the inspected material, only a single wavelength or a limited band might be required. As the lights are based on LEDs with a range of wavelengths, Metaphase offers custom subset choices. This saves cost and increases light output. Even more, the intensity of each wavelength can be defined to obtain the perfect spectral distribution.


  • Colour: up to 6 different LED type in one light: UV (365, 395), white, blue, green, red, IR (850, 940) and SWIR (1050, 1150, 1200, 1300,1450, 1550, 1650)
  • I/O: intensity control over 0-10 V signal for each colour
  • Dimensions: 5" to 150" in 5" increments
  • Miscellaneous: water cooled version under development  

Markets and Applications

Hyperspectral illuminations are used in in imaging solutions which differentiate materials in light spectra typically not visible by the human eye. It is especially effective to detect contaminants in food or separate different types of plastic.