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MidOpt Polarising Filters

Polarising filters are designed to reduce specular glare by only transmitting light polarised in the direction perpendicular to the reflected light (glare). In addition, they help to improve contrast, increase colour saturation and detect imperfections in transparent materials. The polarising filters can easily be mounted in front of lenses and light sources for maximum glare reduction

Polarising sheets

These can be placed over a light source and are available in hightemperature-resistant laminate and glass. The linear polarisers are available for visible and near-infrared, while the left and right circular polarisers are only available in the visible spectrum. The contrast ratio average is up to 10.000:1. The PSA007 and HTA008 are both selfadhesive.

Polarising filters

The linear, circular and wire grid polarisers are available for visible and near-infrared spectra. They are available with standard rotating mount and locking thumb screw to fine tune glare reduction. Contrast ratio average is up to 10.000:1.


  • Available with locking screw to avoid unwanted changes in the filter's position
  • Available for infrared applications
  • Different mount sizes available
  • Available as high temperature linear polarizing filter with wavelengths ranging from 400 to 700 nm for use in high temperature environments (100° C x 240 hours and 90° C x 1000 hours)

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Model Filter type Filter mounting Diameter (mm) Filter thread Bandwidth (FWHM) Transmittance (wavelength)
MIDOPT FIL DB475/850/49 dual bandpass mounted M49 x 0.75 45, 55 460 - 490, 830 - 870
MIDOPT FIL DB660/850/49 dual bandpass mounted M49 x 0.75 40, 50 645 - 675, 830 - 870
MIDOPT FIL PC052/25.5 polarising mounted M25.5 x 0.5 400 - 700
MIDOPT FIL PC052/27 polarising mounted M27 x 0.5 400 - 700
MIDOPT FIL PI035/70 GLASS polarising unmounted 70 400 - 2000
MIDOPT FIL PL032/10 SLIP polarising slip mount 10.0 400 - 700
MIDOPT FIL PL032/100 SLIP polarising slip mount 100 400 - 700
MIDOPT FIL PL032/28 SLIP polarising slip mount 28 400 - 700
MIDOPT FIL PL032/38 SLIP polarising slip mount 38 400 - 700
MIDOPT FIL PL032/52 SLIP polarising slip mount 52 400 - 700