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MidOpt Ultraviolet Block Filters that Protect Your Lens

  • Clear, precision ground, polished windows
  • Protect lenses from dust and scratches in harsh industrial environments
  • Blocks UV spectrum


  • Mount options:
    • Standard threaded lens mount
    • Slip-on mount
    • Filter without mount
    • C / CS-camera mount (for most models)


  • Anti-reflective coatings are available for different models to maximize transmission
  • The MidOpt AC380 is an anti-abrasion acrylic protective window that is approved for FDA applications

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Model Filter type Filter mounting Diameter (mm) Filter thread Transmittance (wavelength)
MIDOPT FIL LP340/67 Longpass mounted M67 x 0.75 350 - 800
MIDOPT FIL LP340/77 Longpass mounted M77 x 0.75 350 - 800
MIDOPT FIL LP340/82 Longpass mounted M82 x 0.75 350 - 800
MIDOPT FIL LP340/94 SLIP Longpass Slipmount 94 350 - 800
MIDOPT FIL LP340/95 Longpass mounted M95 x 1.0 350 - 800
MIDOPT FIL LP340/C-MOUNT Longpass mounted C-Mount 350 - 800
MIDOPT FIL LP340/R20 Longpass unmounted 350 - 800