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MidOpt Protective filters

AC and LP series

The AC and LP series are designed to shield the lens and lighting from dirt, dust, liquids, impact and harsh environments without sacrificing image quality. They are available in glass and acrylic with a high-efficiency, anti-reflection coating to maximise transmission to 98% or more. These filters are useful for imaging in ultraviolet, visible and near-infrared spectra. The protective filters are an economical way of protecting expensive lenses.

The AC series is an acrylic longpass protection filter while the LP series is made of glass.


  • Mount options:
    • Standard threaded lens mount
    • Slip-on mount
    • Filter without mount
    • C / CS-camera mount (for most models)


  • Anti-reflective coatings are available for different models to maximize transmission
  • The MidOpt AC380 is an anti-abrasion acrylic protective window that is approved for FDA applications

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Model Filter type Filter mounting Diameter (mm) Filter thread Transmittance (wavelength)
MIDOPT FIL LP340/67 longpass mounted M67 x 0.75 350 - 800
MIDOPT FIL LP340/77 longpass mounted M77 x 0.75 350 - 800
MIDOPT FIL LP340/82 longpass mounted M82 x 0.75 350 - 800
MIDOPT FIL LP340/94 SLIP longpass slip mount 94 350 - 800
MIDOPT FIL LP340/95 longpass mounted M95 x 1.0 350 - 800
MIDOPT FIL LP340/C-MOUNT longpass mounted C-Mount 350 - 800
MIDOPT FIL LP340/R20 longpass unmounted 350 - 800