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Opto Engineering TC 12K

Telecentric lenses for 12K and 16K line scan cameras

The Opto Engineering TC 12K telecentric lenses are designed to fit very large format line scan cameras. The 62.5mm image circle diameter combined with high resolution capabilities makes these lenses the ideal choice for 12K and 16K pixel line cameras.

Advantages of telecentric lenses

With standard lenses an object appears to be smaller or bigger when it is closer or further away from the lens. Unlike common optics, telecentric lenses only accept incoming ray bundles that are parallel to the optical axis; therefore the object size remains unchanged. This is essential when you must measure objects that cannot be precisely positioned (e.g. on a conveyor belt).

Moreover, telecentric lenses eliminate any perspective error and are therefore perfect when thick objects must be measured.

Telecentric lenses also outperform standard lenses when it comes to distortion: An image is distorted when straight lines in the object space appear as curved lines in the image space. Distortion is measured as a percent deviation. Opto Engineering telecentric lenses feature incredibly low distortion, typically under 0.05 % and deliver extremely accurate geometrical information.


  • Typical telecentricity <0.06° (maximum 0.08°)
  • Field of view up to 195.3 mm
  • Field depth 1.0 mm to 10.0 mm
  • CTF at 50 lp/mm >35% or >40%
  • Mount: M72 x 0.75, optional any other type of camera mount (without extra cost)

Markets and Applications

  • Inspection in the electronics industry (e.g. flat panel displays, solar cells, electronic boards)
  • Measurement of large mechanical components

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Model Camera mount (optics) Max. sensor size Manufacturer Magnification (max) Working distance (mm)
OE TC 12K 064-M72 M72 x 0.75 62.4 mm Opto Engineering 0.96 162.80
OE TC 12K 080-M72 M72 x 0.75 62.4 mm Opto Engineering 0.698 157.40
OE TC 12K 120-M72 M72 x 0.75 62.4 mm Opto Engineering 0.529 254.00
OE TC 12K 144-M72 M72 x 0.75 62.4 mm Opto Engineering 0.439 237.90
OE TC 12K 192-M72 M72 x 0.75 62.4 mm Opto Engineering 0.320 265.50
OE TC 12K 240-M72 M72 x 0.75 62.4 mm Opto Engineering 0.260 492.80