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Phlox HSC

Light panels for high speed cameras with up to 1 million frames per second

Phlox HSC backlights are lit by a linear array of LEDs using a light pipe structure to redirect the light to the surface of the diffuser. The CO2 laser etching process of the diffuser allows a combination of refraction and diffusion to improve backlight luminance. This allows up to 80% of the injected light to be re-emitted from the surface with a fan angle of 30°.

Thanks to mathematical modelling, Phlox backlights emit light in a deterministic and perfectly controlled manner. Thanks to the additional radiator, the luminance has been increased by a factor of 4 compared to the standard LLUB backlights. This allows it to be used in combination with high speed cameras with an image frequency of up to 1 million frames per second.

Exceptional luminance and uniformity

The luminance of the light ranges from 80.000 to 130.000 cd/m², depending on the actual size. Thanks to a fan angle reduced to 30° and the radiator, most of the light is directed to the camera sensor and the LEDs can be driven to their limit. This allows a reduction in exposure times and to reach frame rates of up to 1 million fps for high speed and PIV applications. Therefore the degree of efficiency is higher as with other Lambertian sources. The HSC provides a uniformity of over 95% (+/-10%): Phlox delivers each backlight with a data and distribution chart that specifies uniformity and luminance.

Available in two sizes

Phlox offers two standard sizes for the illumination: 100x100 and 200x200 mm.

Industry grade housing

IP65 rating permits the use in harsh environments without the need for additional housing. This reduces the costs but also allows for a more flexible integration.

Minimised chromaticity shift

The chromaticity shift is smaller than 10% over the complete LED lifetime. Recalibration (white balance) of the system is therefore generally not necessary, even for colour sensitive applications.


  • Colour: white (5000°K)
  • Uniformity: > 95% (+/-10%)
  • Lens: fan angle reduced to 30°
  • Dimensions: 100x100, 200x200 mm
  • Protection: ultra slim housing with 8,5 mm thickness, IP65 rated, radiator for optimised heat dissipation
  • Miscellaneous: handle for easy manipulation and transport

Markets and Applications

Phlox HSC backlights are the optimal choice for particle image velocimetry (PIV) applications.

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Colour white

PHLOX LEDW-BL-100/100-HSC-Q-1R24

LED Backlight with light conducting pipe technologie

  • Version for hisgh speed cameras (HSC)
  • Handle included
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PHLOX LEDW-BL-200/200-HSC-Q-1R24

LED Backlight with light conducting pipe technologie

  • Version for hisgh speed cameras (HSC)
  • Handle included
  • Dimensions 267 x 267 x ...