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Phlox IFC

Backlight with integrated driver

Based on the special diffusor technology of Phlox and the LEDs of the SLLUB Series the IFC Series also offers the functionality of an internal driver. The IFC backlights can work in continuous mode or can be strobed without the need for an external controller. All you need is a simple trigger source, a 24 V power supply and 0-5V signals to control the light intensity and the pulse width.

The first product released in the IFC family is the white backlight PHLOX LEDW-BL-100x100-SLLUB-IFC-Q-1R24 which has a 100x100 mm² emitting surface. Other sizes are coming soon (and available on request).

Reasons to choose the Phlox IFC

Uniformity over 95% (+/-10%)

Phlox delivers each backlight with a data and distribution chart that specifies uniformity and luminance.

Calibration free

The chromaticity shift is smaller than 10% over the complete LED lifetime. Recalibration (white balance) of the system is therefore generally not necessary, even for colour sensitive applications.

Long lifetime

Extremely long expected lifetime with more than 100.000 hours and less than 20% luminance loss.

Internal driver

The internal driver allows the light to work in continuous operation or strobe mode. The 0-5V analogue control line gives the user total control over intensity in the continuous mode and pulse width in strobe mode.

Industrial housing and connector

The 5 pin M12 connectors enable a stable and quick connection while the IP65 rating means it can be used in harsh environments without the need for an additional housing. This reduces the costs but also enables a more flexible integration within the machine.


  • Luminance: high
  • Colour: white
  • Uniformity: > 95% (+/-10%)
  • Emitting surface: 100x100 mm²
  • Fan angle: reduced to 30°
  • Lighting driver: internal for continous and strobe modes
  • Dimensions; 14.5mm thick
  • IP rating: IP65