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Schneider Kreuznach 1 mm Optical Filters

Thin optical filters for optical sensitive applications

With only a thickness of 1 mm this filter family from Schneider Kreuznach minimises the impact on the image quality of your lens. Due to this really small thickness this filter is perfectly usable for metrology and every optical sensitive application.

These filters are available as longpass, shortpass, bandpass and narrow pass, as well as UV-IR-Cut and Protection filters, with diameters unmounted of 19 mm, 27 mm and 34 mm. The filters are targetting applications out of the fields of e. g. 3D measurements, Food & beaverage or traffic control. For other diameters, please ask us.

Reasons for the Schneider Kreuznach 1 mm Optical Filters

Only 1 mm thin

The filter has a low impact on the back flange distance and protects the sensor and can also be used as cover glass.

High transmission and image quality.

High transmission with nearly no influence on the image quality. No loss of light.

High performance and precision

The filter is equipped with high transmission and steep and stable slopes to assure a clear and precise transmission which makes them ideal for challenging machine vision applications.

Ideal choice for complex machine vision applications

The filter is equipped with an ultralow reflection coating, important for e.g. traffic surveillance. The wavelength tolerance of only +/- 1 % makes them a preferred choice for metrology systems were high precision is required. Optimized for common LEDs used in machine vision, the fi lters are ideal for automated inspection systems as food & beverage control or logistics.


  • 1 mm thick
  • Availabe in mutiple diameters
  • Available as longpass, bandpass, shortpass, narrow pass, UV/IR cut and protection filters
  • Wavelength tolerance +/- 1%
  • Ultra low reflecting coating (good for traffic appllication)
  • Optimized for common LED illumination