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Silicon Software microEnable 5

Enhanced frame grabber with high-speed interfaces

Silicon Software's microEnable 5 "ironman" is a family of high performance digital frame grabbers for CoaXPress, CameraLink and CameraLink HS cameras. They are based on the PCI Express bus technology for the PC and implemented with a PCIe x8 (Gen2) bus interface. The cost saving frame grabber family, microEnable 5 "marathon" is based on PCI Express x4 (Gen 2) bus interface.

The microEnable 5 CameraLink frame grabbers support onboard real-time high quality colour reconstruction for high-end and high-speed colour line scan and area scan applications. The CameraLink interface is capable of running with a bandwidth of up to 3.6 GByte/s with unique features and benefits for demanding applications - especially in high-end print applications and web and surface inspection with high quality colour reconstruction.

Reasons to choose the Silicon Software microEnable 5

Onboard preprocessing

The load on the host CPU is reduced as a lot of the preprocessing is handled by the frame grabber. Another interesting feature is the ability to capture data from four cameras with a single frame grabber. This helps to save costs on technical infrastructure, as fewer components are required.

Simple creation of custom FPGA designs

Using the powerful Visual Applets software ensures fast and flexible programming of the FPGAs on the Silicon Software frame grabbers. This graphical design environment requires no special hardware programming know-how and frees up valuable development time for your application.

As a certified Visual Applets partner STEMMER IMAGING can create individual Visual Applets designs. This allows you to free up resources and focus on your core business.


  • Models: microEnable 5 ironman, microEnable 5 marathon
  • Interface: CoaXPress, CameraLink and CameraLink HS
  • Bandwidth: DMA1800 and DMA3600 technology (data transfer bandwidth of 1.8 GBytes/s and 3.6 GByte/s)
  • Onboard memory: up to 2 GB for image buffering
  • Latency: low latency
  • Processing: processing of sensor data and preprocessing, pre-analysis of image data
  • Product options: available as image acquisition and processing card (A series and V series)
  • Power: built-in power supply for cameras
  • PC interface: PCI Express x4 (marathon), PCI Express x8 (ironman)
  • Operating system: Windows 7 and 10 with 32 and 64 bit
  • Software: GenICam compatible, comprehensive SDK environment, supports Common Vision Blox (CVB)
  • Miscellaneous: supports long cable lengths