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Silicon Software microEnable 4 

Programmable PCIe frame grabber for GigE Vision

Silicon Software's microEnable 4 is a family of programmable digital frame grabbers based on the PCI Express interface for GigE Vision.

Available with PCI Express x4 Gen 1 (quad lane) interfaces, with modern DMA900 technology for guaranteed data transfer bandwidth up to 850 MByte/s.


  • Channels: 4 x Gigabit Ethernet
  • Bandwidth: DMA900 technology for guaranteed data transfer bandwidth of 850 Mbyte/s
  • Onboard memory: up to 512 MB for image buffering
  • Latency: low latency for precise triggering capability and feedback channels to camera
  • Processing: preprocessing or pre-analysis of image data eases the load on the host CPU
  • Power: Power over Ethernet (PoE) support
  • Product options: available as image acquisition card (A series) and as image processing card (V series)
  • PC interface: PCI Express x4 Gen 1 (quad lane)
  • Operating system: Windows XP up to Windows 10 with 32 and 64 bit, Linux on request
  • Software: supports Common Vision Blox (incl. GenAPI/GenICam)
  • Miscellaneous: fully compatible with add-on products such as trigger boards