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Sill Optics tunable telecentric lenses

Telecentric lenses with a tunable working distance

Thanks to a cooperation between Sill Optics and Optotune, you can dynamically adjust the working distance of telecentric lenses at a rate of up to 40 times per second.

The working distance on the configurations is linearly proportional to the dioptric power. Due to the influence of the focal length, the magnification is not constant. However, with some calibration adjustments, this small difference can be corrected for consistent accuracy (by adjusting it for the linear behaviour). Due to the telecentricity condition, the aperture of the system can be projected to infinity on the telecentric side.

In an optic side telecentric lens the tunable lens needs to be mounted behind the aperture of the lens (in front of the camera sensor) - please note that this configuration does not allow for the possibility of a bi-telecentric solution.


  • Sensor size: 1/2" to 35 mm line scan sensor
  • Magnifications: 0.133x to 3.0x
  • Working distance: Between 79.7 mm and 434.1 mm
  • Lens mount: C-mount and M42x1 with 40mm BFD
  • Distortion: Max. 0.2% to 0.8%
  • Wavelength: 450-680 nm
  • Clear aperture: 26mm to 153 mm
  • Length: 133.4 mm to 587 mm
  • Optotune lens EL-C-16-40-TC: optical power through the Optotune lens -2.0 to +3.0 dpt / control current  -250 to +250mA / power consumption 0 to 0.7 W

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Model Camera mount (optics) Max. sensor size Manufacturer Magnification (max) Working distance (mm)
SILL TZM 1260/0,311/EL-16-40-C C-Mount 1" Sill Optics 0.311 190.00
SILL TZM 1565/0,193/EL-16-40-C C-Mount 1" Sill Optics 0.193 284.00
SILL TZM 2898/0,578/EL-16-40-C C-Mount 1" Sill Optics 0.578 92.00
SILL TZM 6060/0,289/EL-16-40-C C-Mount 1" Sill Optics 0.289 180.00
File Topics Size
SILL TZM 0420/3,0/EL-16-40-M42
Data sheets
363.5 KB
SILL TZM 0422/2,0/EL-16-40-C
Data sheets
373.3 KB
SILL TZM 0422/2,0/EL-16-40-M42
Data sheets
358.0 KB
SILL TZM 0426/2,5/EL-16-40-M42
Data sheets
369.1 KB
SILL TZM 0625/1,0/EL-16-40-C
Data sheets
399.1 KB
SILL TZM 0627/1,5/EL-16-40-C
Data sheets
393.5 KB
SILL TZM 1260/0,311/EL-16-40-C
Data sheets
358.3 KB
SILL TZM 1560/0,659/EL-16-40-C
Data sheets
352.8 KB
SILL TZM 1565/0,193/EL-16-40-C
Data sheets
364.3 KB
SILL TZM 1860/0,133/EL-16-40-C
Data sheets
352.3 KB
SILL TZM 2060/0,499/EL-16-40-C
Data sheets
352.1 KB
SILL TZM 2660/0,374/EL-16-40-C
Data sheets
405.3 KB
SILL TZM 2898/0,578/EL-16-40-C
Data sheets
403.1 KB
SILL TZM 3060/0,343/EL-16-40-C
Data sheets
375.3 KB
SILL TZM 5060/0,192/EL-16-40-C
Data sheets
359.3 KB
SILL TZM 6060/0,289/EL-16-40-C
Data sheets
362.9 KB